Say Yes: Culottes

Culottes are a piece that can go so right but all so wrong. however i say 'yes to culottes' and so should you! because how often do we really see comfort in fashion ? RARELY! after all, beauty is pain right? but not when it comes to this piece. not only are culottes ultra comfortable but they are also very different and can make an outfit look super edgy, only when worn right of course. so i highly recommend culottes to be paired with a fitted top, here i paired it with a white ribbed bralette top which made the culottes stand out as the vocal point of the  outfit. as you can see i played it safe by going for the classic monochrome color scheme, i also wore this snake skinned back pack which gave the outfit a very casual feel. This look was completed with my cork soled Stan smiths, yes i said cork soled, i instantly loved this summer twist taken on the classic Stan smith trainers, when i first saw it i knew it was going to be a great statement piece for any outfit and indeed it was!

Bralette top : Forever 21
Culottes: Urban outfitters 
Backpack: Pretty Little Thing
Cork Stan Smith Trainers: Office 


  1. I really love culottes and I love the casual way you have styled them! I always see them styled with heels so its refreshing to see flats for once!

    Lottie xx

    1. Thanks for visiting my blog Lottie I will be posting regularly more unique twists on trends , why don't you subscribe for updates :) x

  2. I love culottes, I think they are super easy to wear, comfortable, practical, yet totally chic.



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